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Monthly To Do List

There's always plenty to do in the garden!  Here's a monthly to do list to make your chores easier to remember.

Cottage Cuttings is a locally owned retail nursery.  We did not initially set out to open a nursery.  Our love of unique and hard to find plants took on a life of its own.  We began rooting cuttings of unusual plants we wanted more of.  As we pruned our new "babies", we couldn't just throw away more potential plants, so we stuck those in the rooting bed as well.  Soon we had far more plants than we needed.  We shared these plants with friends.  As word spread, we began selling our cuttings at the local Farmer's Market.  After many customer requests, Cottage Cuttings was born.  Thanks to all of our wonderful customers, we now get to play in the dirt for a living!  Come grow with us!


Debbie & Patrick

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